SFA Disaster Relief

Special Forces Association (SFA) and its buildings were seriously hit by  Hurricane Matthew this past October.  It caused severe damage to the National Headquarters Building, the Special Forces Association “Team House” and the Maintenance Building all receiving varying depths of flooding.

The property damage sustained is not covered in their insurance policy since the loss was caused by flood. The SFA will therefore have to pay out of pocket to rebuild from the loss.

The National Headquarters Building sustained the heaviest damages, and the expense to repair, has been conservatively estimated by their Insurance Adjuster at $250,000.00.

Here is a link to detailed information about the situation and plans to move forward:  http://www.specialforcesassociation.org/bulletin-board/national-bod-columns/presidents-column/

They are accepting personal donations.  If you would like to contribute to this disaster recover relief effort please do so as this is our only Special Forces fraternal organization.

You can send your donations to:

Special Forces Association
P.O.Box 41436
Fayetteville, NC 28309-1436

NOTE:  Do not mail to the street address on Doc Bennett Road as SFA HQ has temporarily relocated until repairs have been made.

Donations sent should be marked “Disaster Recovery from Detachment-A”

Pass the word along.

Bob Charest Host/POC Detachment”A”