DET-A Book Authors

Former Member of Detachment”A” Nick Brokhausen has written a book about his time in CCN part of MACV-SOG in Vietnam. The book entitled We Few: U.S. Army Special Forces in Vietnam – Suicide missions in enemy territory with the SOG. The hard copy book will be released on 2 April 2018. It is available for pre-order on Amazon. Click here for additional book info on Amazon


 Former Detachment “A” member Colonel Warner D. “Rocky” Farr has just published a book entitled “The Death of the Golden Hour and the Return of the Future Guerrilla Hospital”. 

Rocky served as a medic on Team 3 in Detachment “A” in the 1971-1972 time frame serving with Team 3 Commander Hermann Adler Commander and Bob Charest Team Sergeant.

Colonel Farr has a long and highly distinguished career in Special Forces with sterling professional credentials including  BSMT, MD, MPH, MSS, FACP, FAsMA, Associate Clinical Professor of Anatomic & Clinical Pathology, Associate Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine, Aerospace Medicine Specialist.  He is also a Distinguished Member of the Special Forces Regiment.

Click here view his book and professional biography.


Dieter Protsch has published  Be All You Can Be:  From a Hitler Youth in WWII to a US Army Green Beret.  Profits to be used for purchases of pre-paid phone cards for troops oversees.



 MG(Ret) Sidney Shachnow – former Detachment(A) Commander is the  author of the best seller “Hope and Honor” . 


The Autumn Man by Albert Slugocki

Albert Slugocki has recently wrote and published the book The Autumn Man.  Included in its contents is his assignment as Team Det-A, and off duty personal life – 1964/1966.  Pay particular attention to Chapter #10,  titled Berlin – The Good Life.


StejskalBookFormer Det A member James “Styk” Stejskal’s new book has just been published By Helion & Company. The book, The Horns Of The Beast: The Swakop River Campaign & World War I In South West Africa, tells the story of the South African Army in its first foreign operations and the German Schutztruppe’s defense of their colony, German South West Africa, during World War I from 1914-1915. It will be available on Amazon this month.

Styk lived in Namibia from 2010 to 2013 and researched the history and battle sites on the ground. He used primary sources, along with accurate maps and charts of the battles, to shed new light on General Botha’s strategy and his opponent’s defense. He is currently working on a new book about US Army Special Forces in Berlin, which is scheduled to be published in Fall of 2015.

Product DetailsJames Stejskal’s also wrote, Special Forces Berlin: Clandestine Cold War Operations of the US Army’s Elite, 1956–1990 has been released for publication as of 17 February 2017.